Nordic Frontier #49: The Coolest Monkey

NORDIC FRONTIER. The coolest #HateBoys in the jungle return for another live show. 0

Nordic Frontier #48: Season Two!

NORDICFRONTIER. The #HateBoys make a glorious return for the new current year 2018. 0

Nordic Frontier #47: LIVE!

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are kicking it up a notch, we’re going Live head first into the ether.

Nordic Frontier #46: Sweden Democucks and the Finnish Ban

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we invite news editor Simon Holmqvist to join us in a discussion regarding the Swedish condition. 1

Nordic Frontier #45: Aspir Befreier

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we invite Aspir Befreier for a cozy conversation and finish up with a compressed news compilation. 2

Nordic Frontier #44: The White Hatred

NORDIC FRONTIER. Andreas and Johan take on the Domestic degeneracy in the first segment and Mike joins in the second for the Resistance news. 2

Nordic Frontier #43: Crushing Social Democracy with Nat Danelaw

NORDIC FRONTIER. Nat Danelaw joins our #HateBoys to strike crushing blows at social democracy. 1

Nordic Frontier #42: Celebrating 20 years with Simon Lindberg

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are celebrating 20 years of radical National Socialist struggle with our leader Simon Lindberg and it’s okay to be white. 2

Nordic Frontier #41: Get on the #HateTrain!

NORDIC FRONTIER. The #HateBoys are back talking about Ethnic Rape Stats, Nordic Alt-Right and the Finland Trial with Pär Öberg. 1

Nordic Frontier #40: #MeToo and Finland Demo

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we discuss the #MeToo phenomenon and the recent demo in Finland. 0