Nordic Frontier #60: Facts are Fascist

NORDIC FRONTIER. Our suspicions were confirmed this week when Facts turned out to be Racist(Fascist). 0

Nordic Frontier #59: #SaunaSocialism

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we engage in #SaunaSocialism and ask ourselves what is what in the current nationalist shitstorm. 0

Radio Regeringen #107: Moral och Familjekonstellationer med Tess

RADIO REGERINGEN. Klockan 20.00 på fredagen den 23 mars sänder Radio Regeringen tillsammans med Tess. 1

Nordic Frontier #58: National Socialism drawing the Line

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we invite a special guest, talk news and jews and also discuss the reason why we are National Socialists. 1

Nordic Frontier #57: Bonnier Chutzpah and Special Guest

NORDIC FRONTIER. Packed show tonight discussing Jewish influence, State Media propaganda and a special guest for the second segment. 1

IN OCH LYSSNA: Mer än ord – avsnitt 4

MER ÄN ORD. Nu är det här – avsnittet ni väntat på! In och lyssna! 5

Nordic Frontier #53: Northern Europe’s most Dangerous Man

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we talk about the #TruthMinistry engaging in some proper mind control and we also invite Europes moste dangerous man, Haakon Forwald, to talk about the growth of anti-semitism in Norway. 1

Nordic Frontier #52: The Sami Question

NORDIC FRONTIER. Regular news week in Sweden and your favourite #HateBoys are gonna straighten things out. 1

Nordic Frontier #51: Tony Hovater – A voice of Hatred

NORDIC FRONTIER. We will be conducting a bit of an interview with Tony Hovater of the Traditionalist Worker Party. 3

Nordic Frontier #50: Guns and Woodstoves

NORDIC FRONTIER. The #HateBoys take a look at the gun importation business and what woodstoves can do for you. 3