Kvällens Radio Nordfront flyttas till imorgon kväll

RADIO NORDFRONT. Kvällens avsnitt av Radio Nordfront flyttas fram till imorgon. 0

Frankrike överväger att utlysa katastroftillstånd

FRANKRIKE. President Macron överväger att bemöta de så kallade Gula västarnas protester mot honom med att utlysa katastroftillstånd.

Inget Radio Nordfront denna vecka

RADIO. Det blir inget Radio Nordfront denna vecka, då medarbetarna har sommarledigt. Nästa vecka är allt igång som vanligt igen. 2

Nordic Frontier #71: Finding the Aryan spirit

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we connect with fellow comrade Jakob Ivarsson to discuss his journey across the world and his take on holistic architecture. 1

Nordic Frontier #70: BOOMERTIME!

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we’re exploring the depts of treason in domestic news, we also invite Haakon Forwald to talk about Orkla Foods, globalization and the Future Days in Finland. 0

Nordic Frontier #69: The National Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore our feels regarding the National Day, which has turned into a day for the Neo-Swede. 0

Nordic Frontier #68: When Crisis Comes

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we are talking about what to bring in your goodie bag when crisis comes and other things. 0

Nordic Frontier #65: Patrick Little

NORDIC FRONTIER. Patrick Little joins us this evening to talk about his campaign of running for the California senate.   4

Nordic Frontier #63: Uncle Adolf’s B-Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we talk about uncle Adolf’s birthday and learn about a health care system in decay. 2

Nordic Frontier #62: Antti Niemi – Leader of the Finnish Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are joined by the chief of the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement. 3