Nordic Frontier #79: Election Campaign Hype

NORDIC FRONTIER. The show hosts take a break from electioneering this evening, to bring you the fresh perspective of the Nordic Resistance Movement. 1

Studio Bothnia #5
– Nordic Frontier i laggårn!
SWISH: 0702518079

WEBBTV. Under onsdagskvällen sände Robert Eklund, Simon Holmqvist och Andreas Holmvall det femte avsnittet av Studio Bothnia. 12

Nordic Frontier #78: Dual Demo Mode

NORDIC FRONTIER. The Nordic anti-semites return, this week to straighten out what has happen during the past two weeks. 1

Nordic Frontier #77: Big Gay Episode

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we explore all things Gay. We dive deep into the hollows others have left unexplored. 2

Nordic Frontier #76: Not without my Afghan

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we advocate for the deportation of Afghans, jews and the gay army. 0

Nordic Frontier #75: Sweden on Fire

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we’ll take a look at how and why Sweden is on fire. We also talk to fellow member Daniel Nordberg about banking and jews. 1

Nordic Frontier #74: Banning Hysteria

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we discuss raping Afghans, Zionist Democucks and we also invite Pär Öberg to talk about the banning hysteria. 0

Nordic Frontier #73: Almedalen 2.0

NORDIC FRONTIER. We’ll break down the invasion of a medium sized island off the mainland of Sweden, aka Almedalen. 1

Nordic Frontier #72: Motorized Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. National Socialism conquers paedophile network in Almedalen, grows in Denmark and greets the victory in Ludvika. 1

Nordic Frontier #71: Finding the Aryan spirit

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we connect with fellow comrade Jakob Ivarsson to discuss his journey across the world and his take on holistic architecture. 1