Report from the Demonstration

The protest march by the Swedish Resistance Movement, under the slogan ”Stop the Boer Genocide!”, took place in Stockholm on Saturday 17th of April, without any major disturbances. Following here is a brief report on the event.

About a hundred participants joined the assembly at Sankt Eriksplan in Stockholm around noon. Except the organization´s own members and supporters, members of other nationalist groups showed up in support of the Boer.

Once gathered, participants flanked the street with flags, a banderole, shields and signs. Both the Resistance Movement´s own flags, as well as the Vierkleur flag was represented. The banderole read “Stop the Boer genocide!” and the signs showed a portrait of the murdered leader of the AWB, Eugéne Terre’Blanche, who was honoured today as well. While the protesters waited for the march to begin, they distributed leaflets containing information about the South African situation to onlookers and people passing by.

About 30 minutes after assembly time, the protesters began the march towards the South African embassy. Halfway there, a leftwing mob had rallied to show their support for the ongoing genocide of whites, and their profound hate against our cause. As the saying goes: a picture says more than a thousand words, we need not more thoroughly describe them. Never the less we can establish that they did not succeed in stopping our march. During a few incidents the marching column was broken as participants had enough of the leftwing mob, and attacked those who by their actions deserved it.

The basic idea, not to react towards the opponent’s verbal abuse, failed. But what else was to expect, when it is unnatural for berserkers not to respond towards such profanity directed at them.

After only a few skirmishes the procession reached the embassy, were the protesters lined up. Kristian Nordvall – a member of the Resistance Movement – held an emotional speech in which he spoke about the importance of the protest, about the reality in South Africa, and about how we must bring attention to the ongoing genocide, which politicians and the media ignores.

Right after the speech had been held a number of participants seized the moment and burned the South African/ANC flag. This symbolic act was accompanied by the onlookers who shouted the words: “ANC – murderers!” in chorus.

Once again the protesters lined up with the banderole, the flags, the shields and the signs. A few more leaflets was handed out, of which one was delivered to the embassy together with the remains of the burned flag. Magnus Söderman – one of the executives of the Swedish Resistance Movement – ripped the ANC flag in anger, to give a hint of his feeling about the presence of the ANC in Sweden!

Right before the protest was to dissolve the police informed that one of the participants was suspected of assault, due to the earlier disturbances, and that their intention was to arrest him. This was opposed by Emil Hagberg from the Resistance Movement, who had organized the protest. He explained to the police that the protesters would not let them make the arrest without complications, no matter the consequences. They had no intentions to hand someone over without a fight.

Information echoed through the megaphone; that the members of the Resistance Movement would stand their ground, and those not belonging to the organization were offered to leave. Everybody stayed! The participants were in good mood and keenly discussed different tactics. By now the negotiations had reached a deadlock and the protesters retired into formation.

After some time negotiations continued and a solution was reached. The police agreed with those in charge of the protest to only identify the suspect and to briefly interrogate him at the scene. The police also made a promise not to arrest the man, a promise they did not break. After but five minutes the problem had been solved.
The protesters finally marched to Rådhuset subway station, were the protest was dissolved.

The Swedish Resistance Movement in Stockholm wants to thank everyone who rallied for the protest and in a worthy and resolute way stood up against the ongoing genocide in South Africa.

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