Haakon Forwalds tal under demonstrationen i Tyskland

DEMONSTRATION. Här kommer talet som Haakon Forwald, ledare för Nordiska motståndsrörelsens norska gren, höll under Der Dritte Wegs demonstration i Wunsiedel i lördags.

Här kommer hela talet som ledaren över Nordiska motståndsrörelsens norska gren, Haakon Forwald, höll under helgens demonstration i Wunsiedel i Tyskland. Demonstrationen arrangerades av organisationen Der Dritte Weg och gick under parollen ”Döda är endast de som glöms bort!”.

Nordfront kommer inom kort att publicera en film från demonstrationen.

Läs talet i sin helhet, på engelska, nedanför:

Greetings comrades!

It is a great honor for me to speak here in Wunsiedel, representing the Nordic Resistance Movement, your allies in the North. It warms my heart and fills me with strength – to see so many comrades here today. Solid evidence that the struggle is not only being fought, but is also growing here in Germany.

Today we are gathered here to honor the fallen. To honor those who throughout history have given their lives for not only the people of Germany, but those of Norway, of Sweden, of Finland, of Denmark, of Austria – and so forth. They gave their lives for us, for our freedom, for our survival. They are martyrs whose names echo in eternity.

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act, Orwell once stated. Little did he know that in 2017, his dystopian vision of the future would be a reality.

It is however not without reason that our enemies are working over-time to rewrite, erase, demonize and even criminalize our history. They know the importance of history. They know the importance of heroes. They know that history gives strength, and that heroes and martyrs serve as constant reminders. Eternal links to the past, and torch-bearers of the struggle.

Our martyrs and our history will only be truly dead – when the truth is either twisted into a Hollywood nightmare – or when it is simply forgotten. Preserving and telling true history about our past and our martyrs is therefore a sacred duty placed upon our shoulders. A duty that in many countries, such as Germany, can be quite difficult, due to state repression. But if not us, then who?

In the Nordic Resistance Movement we have placed a great effort into preserving our Nordic and European history, and making it available to the Nordic people. Through our websites we transmit the revolutionary truth, to hundreds of thousands of readers. Making sure that it never will be forgotten.

We must however not let ourselves be carried away into passivity by a romantic image of our past and our glorious history. Focus shall always be on the struggle, and events such as this – shall always be to further the struggle. Our heroes would not want it any other way, and there will be plenty of time for romantic nostalgia when victory is secured.

Let us therefore tonight raise our torches and honor the fallen – our heroes. Let them serve as beacons of light, strength and hope – connecting the past to the present – and being constant reminders of the importance of the fight for our people’s survival and freedom.

Let their names echo through the streets, and into the hearts and minds of the peoples of Europa. Brothers and sisters, raise your torches and let us ignite the fire of revolution that one day will liberate us!

Thank you very much!

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