Nordic Frontier #70: BOOMERTIME!

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we’re exploring the depts of treason in domestic news, we also invite Haakon Forwald to talk about Orkla Foods, globalization and the Future Days in Finland. 0

Nordic Frontier #69: The National Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore our feels regarding the National Day, which has turned into a day for the Neo-Swede. 0

Nordic Frontier #68: When Crisis Comes

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we are talking about what to bring in your goodie bag when crisis comes and other things. 0

Nordic Frontier #67: Segregation is Key

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we talk domestic mayhem, segregation with Simon Holmqvist and a mixed bag of white pills in the resistance news. 1

Nordic Frontier #66: Alfred Schaefer

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are joined by Alfred Schaefer to discuss Jewish influence, the Lolocaust and the situation of his sister. 5

Nordic Frontier #65: Patrick Little

NORDIC FRONTIER. Patrick Little joins us this evening to talk about his campaign of running for the California senate.   4

Nordic Frontier #64: First of May

NORDIC FRONTIER. Your gracious hosts give you the low down on the First of May demonstrations. 3

Om Dollarstores utspel och NSD:s lögner: ”Berit har inget att vara rädd för”

RADIO. Nordic Frontier kommenterade Dollarstores patetiska utspel och NSD:s terroristanklagelser. 1

Nordic Frontier #63: Uncle Adolf’s B-Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we celebrate uncle Adolf’s birthday and learn about a health care system in decay. 2

Nordic Frontier #62: Antti Niemi – Leader of the Finnish Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are joined by the chief of the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement. 3