Nordic Frontier #93: Monika Schaefer, autonomous NS marching and Yellow Vests

NORDIC FRONTIER. We’ll talk to fellow thought criminal and holocaust skeptic Monika Schaefer and also get the scoop on the Finland demo. 1

Nordic Frontier #92: Eric Striker and Folkish uprisings

NORDIC FRONTIER. This evening we’ll talk to Eric Striker, known from Strike&Mike podcast and many other media projects. We’ll also cover some Swedish cuckery and fake folkish uprisings. 1

Nordic Frontier #91: Dennis Wise

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we talk to Dennis Wise, the man behind the Greatest Story NEVER Told. 3

Nordic Frontier #90: Tom Goodrich, Hellstorm and the fall of the Third Reich

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tom Goodrich joins us this evening to talk about Hellstorm, other works and his recent stint on the European continent. Neo-Mike also reports on the independence march in Latvia. 0

Nordic Frontier #89: Chinese 1984, Mein Ideology and Flash Demo

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we see China going full 1984, Jews crying about Anti-Semitism and the Movement going for Flash Demonstration. 0

Nordic Frontier: #88!

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we remember a man against time. 0

Nordic Frontier #87: Annie’s Lies, Jew Massacre and NazBol infiltration

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we enjoy Jordan Peterson destroy Annie Lööf, Jewish massacres and we also invite Norwegian activist Andreas to tell us about the weekend’s adventures. 0

Andreas från Nordic Frontier intervjuad av spanska nationalsocialister

Läs här utvalda och översatta delar av en intervju som den spanska nationalsocialistiska sidan Herrenblut publicerade förra veckan.

Nordic Frontier #86: Savage Finns, Old saggy survivors and the Death of a Hero

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore Finnish alternative media, gasp at the beauty of old saggy survivors and remember a Hero that passed on recently. 0

Nordic Frontier #85: Europe Shall Live!

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore Europe’s chance of survival and some resistance news bits. 1