Nordic Frontier #74: Banning Hysteria

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we discuss raping Afghans, Zionist Democucks and we also invite Pär Öberg to talk about the banning hysteria. 0

Nordic Frontier #73: Almedalen 2.0

NORDIC FRONTIER. We’ll break down the invasion of a medium sized island off the mainland of Sweden, aka Almedalen. 1

Nordic Frontier #72: Motorized Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. National Socialism conquers paedophile network in Almedalen, grows in Denmark and greets the victory in Ludvika. 1

Nordic Frontier #71: Finding the Aryan spirit

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we connect with fellow comrade Jakob Ivarsson to discuss his journey across the world and his take on holistic architecture. 1

Nordic Frontier #70: BOOMERTIME!

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we’re exploring the depts of treason in domestic news, we also invite Haakon Forwald to talk about Orkla Foods, globalization and the Future Days in Finland. 0

Nordic Frontier #69: The National Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore our feels regarding the National Day, which has turned into a day for the Neo-Swede. 0

Nordic Frontier #21: Green Party Insanity, Lying #BeardBabies and Crazy Horse Ladies

NORDIC FRONTIER. Andreas and Johan engage in a riveting conversation regarding the insanity of the Green Party, grown men pretending to be children and crazy horse ladies galloping through the streets of Stockholm. In the second segment they dig into Point No. 08 of the Party Program. 0

Nordic Frontier #20: #NotAllMuslims at it again, Swedish PM booed off stage and White Women’s lust for dark meat

NORDIC FRONTIER. Your gracious hosts discuss #NotAllMuslims once a killing our children and now is the time to awaken our people. Our usual segments are then followed by a conversation regarding white women’s obsession with taking care of racially estranged ”children”. 0

Nordic Frontier #19: Privileged Anti-Whites, Integration Malaise and Point No. 7 Continued

NORDIC FRONTIER. Your favorite Nazi freedom fighters engage in a conversation about actually privileged antiracists, the sinister integration business and they top it off with reading point no. 7 of the Party Program. 0

Nordic Frontier #18: #FirstOfMay Reflections and the collapse of the Nordic Model

NORDIC FRONTIER. Mike returns to the show after a two week hiatus and they discuss the reflections and the aftermath of the first of May march. They also cover the free fall collapse of the Nordic Model. 0