Nordic Frontier #83: Trilateral treachery, Anti Semites and a Banned Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore Annie’s dirty dealings, Salvini’s mean streak and a full bag of Nordic National Socialist activism. 1

Nordic Frontier postponed until #NordicWotansday

NORDIC FRONTIER. Because of circumstances beyond our control #NordicTyrsday will turn into #NordicWotansday this week. The show will go live on Wednesday 20.00 #NordicTime. See you there! While you wait for the latest episode of the Nordic Frontier we recommend for you to listen to this fresh as chips neo-folk music:  1

Nordic Frontier #82: Psyops, ”Folk Heroes” and a Cashless Society

NORDIC FRONTIER. We delve into the meat that is the Nordic condition with psyops, deportation squads and raped teachers. 0

Nordic Frontier #81: The Resistance marches on

NORDIC FRONTIER.We invite Pär Öberg and Fredrik Vejdeland of the Nordic council to discuss the election aftermath and the way forward. 1

Nordic Frontier #80: There is no hope for Humankind

NORDIC FRONTIER. The results are in, the fraud is a fact and the hosts will straighten out the facts around the election campaign and the conclusion. They also invite Simon Holmqvist for a hot take on the numbers. 2

Nordic Frontier #79: Election Campaign Hype

NORDIC FRONTIER. The show hosts take a break from electioneering this evening, to bring you the fresh perspective of the Nordic Resistance Movement. 1

Nordic Frontier #78: Dual Demo Mode

NORDIC FRONTIER. The Nordic anti-semites return, this week to straighten out what has happen during the past two weeks. 1

Nordic Frontier #77: Big Gay Episode

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we explore all things Gay. We dive deep into the hollows others have left unexplored. 2

Nordic Frontier #76: Not without my Afghan

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we advocate for the deportation of Afghans, jews and the gay army. 0

Nordic Frontier #75: Sweden on Fire

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we’ll take a look at how and why Sweden is on fire. We also talk to fellow member Daniel Nordberg about banking and jews. 1