Nordic Frontier-Andreas gästade peruansk podd

INTERVJU. Andreas Johansson från Nordisk Radios Nordic Frontier gästade nyligen en peruansk podd vid namn Minority Report 2.0. 1

Dr Edward Dutton gästade Nordic Frontier

NORDISK RADIO. Nordic Frontiers medarbetare Johan skriver om Dr Edward Duttons medverkan i programmet. 0

NORDIC FRONTIER #100: Black Pills

NORDIC FRONTIER. We celebrate 100 episodes by feeding you a fist-full of Black Pills. 0


NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we discuss if the original Swedes actually were blue eyed Somalees after all and we also invite Martin Saxlind to talk about Corneliu Codreanu. 1

NORDIC FRONTIER #98: Jewish Influence – Good for the Nords?

NORDIC FRONTIER. We present the dysfunctional Centre-Right-Left government of Sweden and talk Jewish influence with Nordfront-writer Marcus Hansson. 0

Nordic Frontier #97: Chris Cantwell

NORDIC FRONTIER. The Crew is back with a bang and special guest, Chris Cantwell from Radical Agenda will be joining us. 3

Nordic Frontier #96: Putting on the Yellow Vest

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we are putting on our Yellow Vests with fellow comrade Johan Persson. 0

Nordic Frontier #95: Space Holocaust in the New year

NORDIC FRONTIER. We ring in the New Year with Space Holocaust, Morroccan Knife Wounds and Reflections on the year gone by. 0

Nordic Frontier #94: Happy Hanukkah!

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we celebrate Hanukkah and invite Simon Holmqvist to tell us all about this festival of lights. We also take a look into the mixed bag. 0

Nordic Frontier #93: Monika Schaefer, autonomous NS marching and Yellow Vests

NORDIC FRONTIER. We’ll talk to fellow thought criminal and holocaust skeptic Monika Schaefer and also get the scoop on the Finland demo. 1